Dain is proudly endorsed by the following world-class products:

Fodera bassesFodera Custom Basses

Each Fodera custom made bass is as unique as the musician who plays it. Since every instrument is built to order for a specific musician, each has its own unique voice and character. I’m incredibly proud to represent Fodera. view site >


bass-pickClayton Custom Picks

Clayton, Inc. has been producing guitar picks for a very long time. We are extremely skilled at what we do. This is not a garage business for us, like many of our competitors. We are a large employer, providing many jobs within our community. view site >


Ultimate EarsUltimate Ears Monitors

Ultimate Ears began because Alex Van Halen and his monitor engineer were tired of having things get between them and their music. So they took matters into their own hands and changed music forever. I’m happy to join Ultimate Ears on that journey! view site >